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‘Shelter Storage is miles ahead of all other storage suppliers we know.’

Hitec Power Protection wanted flexible and affordable storage Global company Hitec Power Protection supplies Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Data centres, hospitals, aviation, banking and similar industries can’t survive without a solid and steady power supply. Martin Dollekamp, Warehouse & Shipping Coordinator at Hitec Power Protection: ‘For this type of critical processes we supply watertight backups. Should the regular power supply fail, customers won’t even notice; we take over seamlessly. In addition, we supply clean energy in countries where this is not an obvious matter. Mind you, I’m not discussing green energy here, but about compensating for peaks and drops in net voltage.’

What does Hitec store at Shelter?
Hitec works with diesel engines, generators and induction couplings for kinetic energy storage. These products usually have a long delivery term. Dollekamp: ‘To ensure that we can always meet customer demand, we need to have materials in stock. We’re talking rather large parts, for which Shelter Storage offers flexible storage space − flexible meaning we only pay for those square metres that we actually use. So if we use a large part of our stocks next month, our storage space shrinks along automatically. The good thing is, it works the other way around as well. This is clearly one of Shelter’s main assets!’

Anything goes, no problem at all
Payment per square metre used is a proven method with Shelter. Customers appreciate the transparent and honest billing method. Dollekamp: ‘Us being able to just pay for the space we use is our primary reason for not building a storage hall of our own. That would entail a lot more cost, whereas in the current situation we have absolute freedom to move. Whenever we have special requests − such as access outside of office hours − the answer is always “yes”. Hitec does business with other parties as well, but we prefer working with Shelter. Other than some of their competitors Shelter offers storage and transhipment facilities only, which results in perceivable professionalism. They are really dedicated to their core business and think along with their customers. A case in point, before purchasing a new forklift truck they first considered what their customers needed. Which means, for us, that we can now load and unload heavy diesels even faster.’

Typically Shelter
How to characterize Shelter Storage? Dollekamp: ‘The first thing that comes to mind is no- nonsense, which is very important. Besides that, they are a small and compact team that exudes job satisfaction. Shelter is pragmatic and reliable, which is essential when working with valuable materials like our products. When I look for partners I also look for a personal match; who are you dealing with and how are they treating you? The match has been there from our very first meeting. They are honest and their invoices are very exact, with billing units as precise as a mere fifteen minutes.’

Martin Dollekamp, Warehouse & Shipping Coordinator, Hitec Power Protection